Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about OutSide Maps.

Why can't you download maps?

The short answer is that the Ordnance Survey OpenSpace Developer Agreement does not allow us to do so without engaging in a commercial contract with them. This would not be cost-efficient to do so.

We do not offer downloads of other map sources due to the cost of diskspace to host the map packs.

Why do you only allow 100,000 Ordnance Survey tiles to be downloaded per day?

Again, the short answer is that this restriction is placed upon us by the Ordnance Survey OpenSpace Developer Agreement. We are regularly monitoring the use of tiles to see whether it is a large problem.

This is not a limitation for all other map sources in the app.

What if you hit the 100,000 tile limit?

If the daily tile consumption of Ordnance Survey mapping hit the 100,000 limit, a placeholder tile will be returned. Only current Ordnance Survey map sources are affected by this. All other map sources will continue to return tiles.

I have a grey square!

There are very rare occasions when the current location fields in the database get corrupted and the app cannot auto-correct your position. You should be able to correct this by going into the Settings screen, disabling GPS, waiting a few seconds, then enabling GPS. Then, return to the Map Screen and tap the crosshair icon to centre on the current location. This will also flush the incorrect data from the database.

Where's Northern Ireland?!

Northern Ireland's mapping is produced and managed by the Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland. This agency is not part of the OS OpenData or OS OpenSpace initiatives and, as such, we currently cannot offer mapping for Northern Ireland.

Why am I stuck in Glasgow?!

Well, the map's location has to default somewhere! If the current location marker (the little blue ball with the cone coming out of it...) is not moving from Glasgow Science Centre then, chances are, you're not getting any position updates. If this is the case, check:

  • In the OutSide Maps Settings screen, you have "GPS Enabled" switched ON
  • In the main device "Settings", ensure that "Location Services" is switched ON

Basically, if you are stuck in Glasgow, it's because the device has positional fixing switched off. The app has it defaulted to ON but you may have disabled Location Services due to your wish to extend your battery life.

I have a feature I'd like to see!

Send an email! If it's a good idea, it'll probably get implemented.


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